There, I fixed it

I was in a bit of a conundrum with the running/gym/cold weather situation. I don't like running int he frigid cold and my running wardrobe reflects that (i.e., one pair of tights, one running jacket--not enough to sustain a full training schedule). I've always had a gym to retreat to during cold weather, but since I did away with my membership this past June I've been fearing the onset of winter. Now, here we are in the throes of an Arctic onslaught and I'm still gymless.

Since I was in job limbo for a couple months I completely ignored the situation until after Thanksgiving when someone turned the dial from crisp New England autumn to bleak Alaskan ice box.

With the cold temps I finally started trying out the gyms near my new office, but realized that while I can easily fit a three mile run during lunch, I would have a hell of a time fitting an eight mile tempo run during lunch. That meant that I would have to run before or after work. After work is unreliable because my hours can get erratic. And before work would be tricky because I'd have to pack up everything and come into the city at 5:00am--and Wifey is none to happy about the prospect of me leaving her home alone four days a week.

Of course, I could go back to my old gym, the one five minutes from our apartment. But even that's tricky. First, I told them that I moved to Florida (in order to cancel my membership without penalty). So going back would be suspicious. And even if I came up with a story for them they would force me to sign an annual contract. I don't want an annual contract because I don't intend on using the gym once it warms up in April/May, but also because we are looking to move this February and there's a good chance we'll move out of our neighborhood then.

Continuing on the moving bit: there is the possibility of us moving into a building with a gym in it. In this case there would be no need for a gym membership at all.

I was fine putting this off until New Year's, but now I have a training plan and I have races that I'm working toward--I need to get running. Moreover, I can feel all the effects of not running on my body: I don't sleep as well, my clothes are tighter, stress compounds easier, my metabolism doesn't know what to do.
Such is my situation.

Somewhere in the middle of this discussion with Wifey, it dawned upon us that the money I would spend on a gym I could just use to buy winter running clothes. I'm already used to running during dark mornings thanks to NYCM training. And even though I don't like running in the cold I know I can do it (remember this?). And this would completely solve all the problems and whatifs above.

So I'm off today to buy a pair of tights and a jacket. Sometimes the simplest solution is the hardest to think of.


The Sean said...

I was just going to say... why not buy some new gear;)

Java Joggers said...

Buying new running gear is always a lot more fun that going to the gym! Great solution! :)

I just bought some Underarmour coldgear running socks, and I highly recommend them for keeping your toes warm. Have fun!

Jess said...

Good luck with the winter running! Hope you got some kickass gear for it!

Adam said...

Although, with the new clothes, you don't get as many fun gym carnies stories.....

The Laminator said...

Sometimes you just have to bundle up and just get out there. Once you do, the rest will take care of itself! I'm in the same boat buddy, so let's inspire each other to blast this Artic freeze right back to the North Pole!