An addendum to my 2010 goals

Facing a shrinking time window to be timely I kinda of just spat out my goals for 2010 a few weeks back. Now, with more time (and now that I'm back into training) I'd like to revisit those goals and add a few more.
  1. Continue filling up states on the map. In 2009 I passed the 1/5 mark on my goal to run a race (Half or Full Marathon) in every state plus DC. I'm up to 11 states and have four out of town races on the calendar for 2010. (Of course, there is still plenty of space to squeeze in a fifth race this year....)
  2. Keep bringing down my times. The Marathon and I are on good terms again, so I'm going to keep shooting for a PR and crawl closer to a BQ. 3:40 is the next time goal I have in mind, let's see if I can make it happen in Wilmington or Maine. As for the Half-Marathon, my next benchmark is 1:45 and given that my HM times are still on a long-term downward, I think I will definitely hit that this year.
  3. Get a dog. We are finally moving to an apartment that not only allows dogs, but has a gigantic terrace that we can use as a dog run. After 4.5 years of living in this city without a dog, we are going to get one. (BTW, does any one know a good terrier breeder?)
  4. Try shorter distance races. This one I add half-heartedly. For some reason I just don't really care about races shorter than 13.1 miles: I ran five HMs and a Marathon before my first 5K or 10K--and I've never run those distances again! But that nagging voice in the back of my head keeps saying that I should be better rounded and start playing around with the shorter distances.
  5. Run a relay. This one is really pie-in-the-sky because I only have one real life runner friend (oddly enough, who I met via this blog). However, I would love to run in one of those crazy 12-person, pack up everything in a van, run overnight for 200 miles relay runs.


Allie said...

I would love to do a relay too, it sounds like so much fun and I love being part of a team, all working toward a common goal. I don't have any running friends, I have some family that runs but they are 500 miles away from me so that makes things difficult. Good luck on meeting your goals!

Adam said...

WOW, I had no idea you were all the way up to 11 states. That is awesome. I'm still only at 6 :(