The free money made me do it

I used to have word verification on this blog. Then I got rid of it because I hate filling it out on other people's sites and you can't criticize what you yourself do, right?

The drawback has been that every month or so I get a comment from some comment machine saying how I have a wonderful blog and that I might be interested his in money investing site. Or I might be interested in his HAWT AZIANS. Or I might be interested in his extensive collection of vaginal birth videos.

However, in recent weeks the comments have become much more frequent. It's actually to the point where every day I get a little notification that all of a sudden some one decided to comment on one of my posts from forever ago and just so happened to leave a link to a porn site.

Frankly, I'm tired of it. So I've turned on word verification to mostly save myself from having to play comment cop, but also to save your poor unsuspecting eyes from vaginal birth videos. You're welcome.


Adam said...

About a month ago, someone posted a asian porn link on EIGHTY FOUR of my posts. annoying. In fact, I actually turned off commenting to get it to stop.

Jess said...

I have always had word verfication for this reason. I used to get a ton of crap generated by robots, I assume, and while the word verification is kind of a pain for readers, it's much better as a filter.

The Laminator said...

Word verification is the way to go. Sometimes the words they randomly generate can actually be kind of funny...like the one for this was "phamook"...sounds like someone using PG-13 language to curse...Haha!

Nitmos said...

I hear you. How annoying are those robot ad comments? On a side note, do you still have the link to the birth videos? You know what, never mind. If you have them, just email 'em over. Thx.

Christina said...

I have a spam blogger that says something about helping them with a college homework assignment and its a comment on a blog from last year. I'm considering turning the validation back on too but holding off for a little bit.