First day of 2010 is all about 2009

Time for a little reflection before seeing what I want to tackle over the next 365 days.

Let's see how I did on the 2009 goals:
  1. Log 1,000 miles for the year. EPIC WIN! Not counting runs from the past two weeks--because they are still in Fenny and not in my log yet--I have run 1,286 miles. The distance from my apartment in NYC to my parent's house in Miami? 1,293.
  2. Get presents for family members' birthdays. EPIC FAIL! I actually did better on this one last year. Ugh. I will get there.
  3. I want to be happier in my job. UNEXPECTED WIN! If anything went completely opposite to what I planned it was my career. Worked my tail off only to lose my client. Ended up getting laid-off on my first day back from vacation. Took a freelance job at an agency that people would die to work at. Interviewed for a job 500 miles from New York. Finally took a job that was a promotion and raise (in this economy!). And now I am actually happy with my job--and I don't remember the last time I could honestly say that.
  4. Get more involved in the running community. DOUBLE FAIL! I didn't rejoin my running group: my excuse was always that the group started runs too late in the morning--wah wah wah. Although I have to say that my running didn't suffer because of this. I also didn't volunteer at a single race, which I have no legitimate excuse for.
  5. Move to a new place. NON-FAIL FAIL! We didn't move, but I can't call this a real fail. Our landlord raised our rent only $25, so I didn't actually lose that much by staying put.
  6. Become an uncle. FOREGONE WIN! This kid is absolutely adorable. Once we get back to NYC I'll post some pictures.
  7. Run at least five races. FAIL, BUT ALMOST A WIN! Due to the economy and shifting jobs travel and racing plans were put on hold. Actually, the only reason I did a fall Marathon was because the race was in my backyard. However, even with all that I ran four races this year, got two states off the list, and got a redundant state (NY) off my list.
What else went down in 2009?
  • After a year and a half of running with the Super Runner's Shop weekend running groups I finally got my free shoes.
  • After about 10 attempts, I finally had a successful 20 mile run.
  • PR'd in the HM distance by five minutes.
  • Did an entire training cycle outdoors and it felt really good. Getting off the treadmill felt like dropping junk food from my diet. I felt like I got more bang for my buck on every run and that everything just worked better.
  • Ran my first Marathon that I had to fly to--which proved to be a great experience
  • Had my first celebrity sighting while running.
  • Surpassed 100 posts in a calendar year, 106 to be exact
Looking at this 2009 doesn't sound all that bad. But were definitely plenty of things that can make 2010 better.


The Laminator said...

Great review, SRod! I'm glad I got to share a teensy weensy part of all those miles with you! Looking forward to more great running in 2010 from you! Happy New Year!

Jess said...

You had a great year! I'm sure 2010 is gonna be awesome for you as well!

Adam said...

Nice work buddy. Hope 2010 is as good as 2009... Maybe without the unemployment stress!