2010 goals

No flourish here, just a straight up list of wonderful bullets.

Goals--keep doing from 2009
  • Write over 100 posts. Ideally I'll write more, hopefully closer to 150, but life tends to get in the way pretty often.
  • Train outside as much as possible. I just feel better when I run outside/not on a treadmill. For the next couple months of Winter I'll have to do most runs indoors, but the second it gets back into the 40s pre-dawn, I'll cancel my gym membership and will be out on the roads again.
  • Stay happy in my job. I'm very happy where I am now. Thanks to the recession I've been through enough employers that I now have a much better sense of what is a hiccup and what is a long-term problem.
Goals--new for 2010
  • Have a 50-mile training week. I'm just curious as to how that feels.
  • Integrate HR into my training. For Christmas I got the HR monitor for Fenny, so I can now join the chest-strapped elite. I've been curious about measuring my HR for a while and now have no excuse.
  • Run 1,500 miles. Once I added in the balance of my December runs the official grand total mileage for 2009 is 1,318. Another 200ish miles shouldn't be that hard, especially since I'll log about 650 per training cycle.
  • Keep up with Pop bits. I've only got one installment under my belt, but I'm hoping to make it a regular part of the blog.
Nothing too exciting, but I hope that's a sign that I've got lots of things going in the right direction.


The Laminator said...

Happy 2010 sRod! Those goals look really solid! I'm sure you'll have fun chasing them down. Now, if we can only get rid of this sub-freezing weather...

Adam said...

50+ mile weeks aren't as hard as you'd think. It is all about adding days I think.

Love the more posting bullet!