Pop bits 3

A somewhat regular non sequitur where I take a break from running and share bits and pieces of pop culture.

North Shore Animal League. Ok, this is kinda out of the realm of pop bits. However, with the new apartment (we move on February 13!) we are finally going to get a puppy after five years of wanting one. In our hunt to rescue a dog we discovered the NSAL. It's only a few miles away from us on Long Island and it is one of the premier animal rescues in the world--and the largest no kill shelter in the world. For any one looking for a pet in the NJ/NYC/CT area, this is the place to go.

This is an interesting thing I found on the internets. As a person, I find this funny. As a blogger, I find it freaking hilarious. After the first paragraph or two scroll to the comments and it gets even better.

This is something eerily similar to the previous item. Oddly enough, after seeing that post I found this video doing essentially the same thing, but for TV news:

The bane of the semi-colon. Having read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" I have become a (bigger) fan of grammar. I've also have a growing confidence in my semicolon usage. For those of you who are scared to hit that button on your keyword next to "L" without also hitting the shift key here is a cheat sheet. A cheat sheet that involves bears.

The best thing to ever be made by the cast of MAD TV. This is not safe for children, but piss your pants funny for adults. I almost died this morning from laughing. Please, watch:

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Jess said...

The semicolon is actaully amazingly simple because it has very limited function. Unlike the comma, which has a ton of use and is therefore so often misused.

But I can think all the way back to my freshman comp class in college when my prof told me that if I couldn't learn to use the semicolon correctly then I shouldn't use it at all. That stung.