Baby pics

No, not my baby. That's still a ways off. This is my nephew, Dominic. I promised pictures a few weeks back and here they are. And let's be honest, who doesn't like looking at pictures of babies?

Wifey and Dominic surprised by the flash:

Dominic learning how to feed himself (it's about time he started pulling his own weight around here):

Uncle and nephew:

Wifey holding Dominic at the beach. He has his adorable face on to attract the ladies:

Happy to be outside:

Christmas morning on his Great-Grandmother's lap with a ridiculously long hat on:

I swear my mom and Dominic were not posing when I took this, the cuteness was all there naturally:


Allie said...

How precious!!

Adam said...

Yeah, totally expected to see an ultrasound here :)