sRod Over Hard

It is hot as hell out there. Not summer blackout hot--that happens in July around here--but even 80 degrees feels like the friggin Sahara.

To give you an idea, after the run (during which I had water), I drank a liter of water, drank a bottle of chocolate milk (I swear it works better than Gatorade after a run), had a bagel, and STILL managed to come back home a pound lighter than when I left.

On top of that, I went running with my friend who has a marathon PR pace of 7:50 min/mile, and normally trains at speeds faster than that. (My training pace is 8:40, 8:30 on a GREAT day.) So I tried desparately to keep up. And failed. Yeah, real nice ego boost during my first week fo training.

Good news is that next weekend I'll be in Boston (my sister will be there for a conference) and will be able to put in some time along the Charles. In my head, the trails up and down the Charles are Rodeo Drive for runners. (During college I was actually intimidated to run along the Charles with the 1000s of phenonmenal Boston runners.) The sights are beautiful: the view from the Longfellow Bridge, the sailboats in the back bay, the views of MIT, the smoots, my alma mater, etc. On top of that, there is the storied history of running in Boston. It's inspiring. Hopefully, this will help shake off the painful run I had today.

Also, my wife went with me today. Unfortunately, she got to see me tired and grumpy after a disappointing run. But the great thing is that I got to share something with her that I seldom am able to.

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