Independence Day

Lots of unconnected thoughts today from my run:
  1. I need new music.
  2. I'm getting used to morning runs--it's almost magical seeing the world before it gets busy, especially in this city. The dawn paints everything a different color. Even New York looks peaceful in the dawn.
  3. My speed and endurance are starting to come back (I missed them!).
  4. Damn it--I should have slowed down during my first mile.
  5. I'm pissed because I'm supposed to have tomorrow and Friday off from work as bonus days, but with a major presentation due on Tuesday, I might not be so fortunate.
  6. There is a public pool in Astoria park. Upon further research I've found that it is one of the largest in the country and the largest in New York. How did I miss this?
  7. I like running outside because I can try to pick off other runners (in addition to the scenery, sunshine, fresh air, etc.)
  8. I need to go to the beer garden.
  9. I forgot to pick up the laundry yesterday...crap. Now I have to wait until tomorrow.
  10. Wait, I still have 14.5 more weeks to go until Baltimore? Man, I can't wait until I cross that finish line.
  11. Why is it that runners don't say hello to each other here? When I lived in Miami and Boston everyone said hi. Silly New Yorkers.

That's about it. Really excited about going to Boston this weekend. Not so excited about the forecast (rain with a chance of monsoon).

Happy Independence Day.

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