Ok, so I've come to terms with it: Fairfield is off the plans for this year. And didn't get into New York...so that's off too. Oh yeah, and it turns out that DC filled up BEFORE the lottery for the NY Marathon was called. Hmmm. So there go all my plans for 2007. Love it.

No NY or DC this year means I have to find another race to be MY FIRST MARATHON EVER (as it should always be referred to as). So I'm defaulting to Plan C: Baltimore. I've heard great things about the city, I'm a big fan of Chef Duff, and I always see Baltimore Marathon t-shirts at races. Based on that expert analysis of the race, I signed up this week.

Now it's officially on: the 2007 Baltimore Marathon on October 13 will be MY FIRST MARATHON EVER. So excited.

But wait...oh crap...that means I have to start training for a marathon. Hmmm. Perhaps I should get on that.

(Also...on the housekeeping front...adding a couple things on the right today since I finally have the time)

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