No more Fairfield

So it's been a while since I last posted. Between being on "vacation" in Miami and traveling to LA for work I've been able to run three times in the past two weeks. And since I haven't been able to break 4 miles on any of my runs I've decided to not do the Fairfield Half-Marathon.

This particularly sucks because this is the second year that I had to skip this race. This time last year I was working insane hours at work and hardly had time to sleep, let alone train for a race. I guess the timing of the race is bad too, since I usually do a late spring race and this race is in mid-June.

In light of this I'm going to try things a little differently for my 2008 races. I'll be running either NY or DC this fall as my first marathon (woo hoo!!!!). Then in January I want to run the Austin half marathon, 1) because it is a downhill course race, 2) we have a friend that lives close to Austin who has been asking us to visit her since forever, 3) it will be a warm winter race. With a race so early in the year I will be able to prepare for a the San Francisco Marathon (late July) and then Fairfield (late June) can just be part of my training for SF. To round off the year I'll find a fall race sometime in October or November (I'm taking suggestions). Of course, these are my ambitions now, we'll see what surprises lie in store between now and then.

So, for now I'm eagerly awaiting for 12 noon on June 12 which is when they pull the names for the NY Marathon. If I'm pulled, then I'll be touring the 5 boroughs. If not, then it's off to DC.

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