Good news and bad news

Good news first: went out yesterday for 8 miles on the Hudson River Park/West Street/West Side Highway (aren't they all the same?). Anywho...I normally hate this route because it's rather boring and straight, plus it gets really hot. But despite that I did pretty darn well: I finished at an 8:38 min pace. My best half-marathon pace is 8:40, so I figure this is a great spot to be in before I start officially training for Baltimore.

And now the bad news: I have become web illiterate. More specifically, I have become HTML, CSS, Java and whatever-language-is-out-there-now illiterate. Back in high school I made my own webpage from HTML, but nowadays I can't even figure out how to insert a linked picture into a page. Sigh. So that RBF Member button over to the left is supposed to be linked to Running Blog Family...and God knows I've tried to figure out how to link that sucker back to the website...but alas, there is only so much I am willing to try before I just let it be. So the button is there, and one day it may be linked.
**Bonus Section**
Now for some so-so news: I'm still trying to figure out how to post my training schedule for Baltimore. I've been able get a jpeg version of the spreadsheet on here, but it's not legible. So I'll try again later this week when I have more time.

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