Run in the sun

On vacation this week! Well, sort of. We're in Miami for my brother-in-law's graduation on May 31. Since the 31st is in the middle of an already shortened week, we decided to just take the whole week off and call it vacation. So we're trying to vacation as much as possible even though certain family members are trying to talk us into babysitting or going with them to run errands. At least the weather should be on side this week.

I'm about to head out running in some very warm and humid conditions, and that has me a bit freaked out because I haven't been able to run for more than 4 miles under normal conditions. Add in the higher temps, humidity up the wazoo, and the extra intense sunshine, and the title to this blog could quickly change to "See sRod Not Really Run As Much As He Walks Kinda Fast." I love it.

Not sure what has made it so difficult for me to train lately. Not sure if its psychological or physical. Could I be talking myself out of running long distances because I just had a great race? Or am I pushing myself back into training too quickly and my body isn't ready for it? Or maybe its the warmer tempuratures?

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