Suga, suga

This year I decided to give up cookies and cupcakes for Lent. I tried giving up desserts in general one year and that didn’t work because I had trouble defining what dessert was (is a slice of cake at an in-office birthday party 2 hours after lunch considered dessert?). I was going to just give up cookies, because that is the majority of stuff that I pick on around my office. However, Wifey’s response to that was “cookies? That’s weak.” So I manned up and threw cupcakes in there, which are pretty much the balance of the sweets around the office. (I swear, my office is what keeps the NYC bakeries in business during this recession.)

I resisted giving up all baked goods/desserty-type things not only because it didn’t work last time, but because after running—particularly after long runs—sometimes I just need large amounts of sugar and Gatorade starts to taste like ass after the first 12 oz.

Hopefully, this helps develop some healthier eating habits around the office.


RunToFinish said...

yup yup, there are a lot of us on this band wagon. I went for candy specifically!

FLYERS26 said...

Oh man, that's a good one!
Best of luck with that!

Marcy said...

Cupcakes? No prob. Cookies? Good luck with that homie! LOL

Jess said...

Good luck with that!

The Laminator said...

Good luck with it!

So...are you interested in coming out on Monday to see the film?

J said...

I gave up cursing. So far, it's been an incredible failure. Luckily, God is a good guy and gives second chances (I hope). So today is a new day.

Good luck with this. Sounds like a recipe for disaster! LOL!