Just to make it official, I've updated my race calendar with the new Spring line up. I won't be doing the National Half-Marathon this year: tight times mean that I had to pick between New Hampshire and DC, and New Hampshire was the cheaper option (and didn't require me to take a day off work). For my Spring Marathon I now have my eyes set on the Flying Pig Marathon--which I've been thinking about doing for a couple of years now.

Speaking of training--I had my first 16 mile run of the season yesterday and man was that hard. I did a couple loops around Central Park since it was also my first run with the Super Runner's Shop group this year (restarting my attempt at getting a free pair of shoes). Those hills tore me apart, especially my knees. I've always had some degree of pain in my knees toward the end of long runs (who doesn't develop some type of knee pain while Marathon training?), but I feel like it's more pronounced this training season.

I'm thinking that it's a mental thing rather than physical (typical runner mentality, right?) because my knees were destroyed after Newport and I didn't take care of them after the race. So I just have that stuck in my head, nagging at me during every long run. Also, yesterday I didn't have Liam because I knew it would be rude to bring him to the running group, so I didn't have anything to focus on except for what was hurting.

Whatever the pain is, I did treat my knees to an ice pack yesterday. Five minutes on both knees and then ten minutes on each knee. Since I was already cold from being outside in sweaty clothes I didn't much appreciate the ice, but it seems to have done the trick: no pain this morning. Let's hope it continues this way.


Jess said...

The race schedule looks good and nice job on the 16 miler! Hope the knees recover quickly.

The Laminator said...

Knee pain, already? Sounds suspicious. Have you changed shoes? Don't hold out for the new ones if the old ones are ruining your knees. Not worth it.

Either way, keep a close eye on it and be careful.