I've got nothing

The running blog muse has neglected me this week. Normally, I have a ton of ideas to write up or experiences to share or gym carnies to tear apart--so many that I never have enough time to write them all up. But this week, nothing. I have some half ideas, but nothing fully baked. Even though I keep a reserve of topics for just such a situation, none of those topics (you know, the posts that you're always meaning to write but never do) are particularly attractive today.

Would this be blogger's block? And the cure would be a little meta-blogging? Eh.

I have 16 miles on schedule for tomorrow. It should be an interesting snowy/rainy 16 miles. Actually, I'm not looking forward to it. The excitement of winter running--i.e., how freakishly cold will it be today and what feats of daring-do will it produce?--has lost it token intrigue. I really just wantto have a run in decent temperatures. 50 degrees is all I'm asking for. Of course, maybe if I didn't go out of town on the weekends that it's nice around here I wouldn't have this problem.


Update: After being behind on my Google Reader for months (since October?) I have finally caught up on all of your posts! No more delayed comments or missed giveaways for me!

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Marcy said...

Ehhh it's this time of year. Seems like everyone is a little on the blog slug side :-/

Poor wifey! (I just saw the vid) LOL