Liam is back form the dead

I had a level three freak out this morning (for reference: level one = "oops, I spilled the milk," level five = "wait, where's my wallet?"). As I was getting ready to head out to the gym, I went to grab my headphones and iPod Shuffle, Liam Garu, but they weren't in their usual place. I thought, "that's weird, I always put them in the--OH MY GOD I LEFT THEM IN MY JACKET!!!"

Why the freak out over the jacket? After Sunday's 14 mile run we did laundry and guess what got tossed in there with the rest of the running clothes? Yup, my running jacket, complete with headphones and Liam zipped up in the pocket. And not only did they go through a 30-minute wash cycle with soap, I also let my running clothes air dry--meaning that everything was wet for a good couple of hours.

I grab my running jacket from the drying rack and sure enough Liam and the headphones were in the left pocket. Crapadoodle. I try pressing all the buttons, but nothing lights up. Crap, he's a goner.

I leave Liam at home and instead grab Masahara (my full-sized iPod) for the run, deciding that I will sort out what to do with Liam while at the gym.

During the run, I go through all the possible scenarios:
  1. Go to the Apple store, tell the truth, and have the Geniuses laugh at me for trying to get a replacement for free--probably won't work
  2. Go to the Apple store, tell them how Liam just suddenly gave out and as for a replacement--eh, I wouldn't be the first to try to pull that
  3. Go to the Apple store, tell them I went on a run and that midway through Liam gave out on me and that he hasn't responded to anything I've done--ok, that's more believable
  4. Go to Tekserve (the unofficial, shadier cousin of the Apple store here in NYC) and see what kind of Jerry rig they can do--might be a viable option prior to #3
  5. Sell Liam online and use the profit to subsidize the purchase of Liam Garu Jr.--"that's just not right" according to Wifey

When I get home, on a whim I decide to plug Liam into the computer. Normally, if I'm having a problem with an iPod, plugging it into the computer tends to fix it--maybe it'll fixed a soaked iPod? Who knows?

So I plugged Liam into the computer and all of a sudden the lights start blinking and iTunes pops open showing all the songs on Liam. No. Way. I unplug Liam from the computer and plug in the headphones. Somehow, someway, music started coming out of the washed headphones from the washed iPod. Unbelievable.

I have no idea what happened or how I got so lucky, but this is the second time that Liam has been completely soaked in water and survived. Nothing short of a Wunder iPod.


FLYERS26 said...

Unreal.. water usually kills electronics.
Maybe it has 9 lives?

Kevin said...

I once killed a laptop with a cup of hot water. Thats great that your ipod lived

The Laminator said...

You are definitely one lucky fella.

Jess said...

My shuffle blinked out on me once when it got soaked while on a run through a torrential downpour. I thought I had lost mine as well, but after it dried out, and I plugged it into the computer, it too was revived!

Anonymous said...

can't figure out my blogger id.. but..anyway

1.) tekserve is far from shady, they'll flat out tell you the truth of a situation
2.) apple geniuses (from their own mouths to me) have said they can "do pretty much whatever we want, as long as we know you're not lying to us we're pretty cool about stuff" - this is quite true, my friend had his iphone replaced twice after having broken it by dropping it, and watering it, the latest time it wasn't even within warranty. the same time, they replaced my iphone after i had dented it, and unlocked/jailbroke it.. so you actually would be surprised. my advice would be to just say "hey.. so.. im hoping you can help me out. im a runner, i brought my ipod with me as i do..the little bugger is so small, i forgot it in my jacket and it went through the wash. is there anything you can do..?" they'll appreciate the honesty, and if they can help you they will.
3.) water doesn't hurt electronics in and of itself, its the current flowing through the circuits, which are now being shorted out because of the water bridging them when they aren't supposed to.. the added electricity speeds up the clock cycle of the chip, and burns it out. the thing to do if you ever get something wet (if possible) is remove the power source and let it dry for a few days. obviously an ipod you can't really remove the battery (unless you've got a little craft and a razor blade with you) but letting it sit to dry out would be the best thing to do..

if not, take it to tekerve, they will do a "spill cleanup" (disassemble, clean corrosion, dry, reassemble, pray) and are usually pretty successful. disclaimer, i used to work at tekserve. but thats how i know about the success rate :)

Michelle said...

I was once getting a pedicure and my ipod classic was sitting on my lap...with my feet in the water. The ipod slid all the way down my feet right into the water for about 4 seconds.


I love my ipod!!!!