A dark day in sRodville, for mighty sRod has struck out

I got hit up with a surprise double-header today folks. The following two events happened within one hour today:

1. My boss pulls me aside and says that our client has signed a new contract for 2008. I already know where this is headed because our client has cut back about 50% of spending for 2008 compared to this year. Turns out that new contract does not include me or my direct report; we will both have to be taken off the team. This is effective immediately for my direct report. She is already on a new team and working on their stuff. For me it's different. There is no other open position at my level in the agency right now. Our client has agreed to pay for me for the rest of the year so that I can finish my projects, but come mid-January, if there is still no position open, I will have to look for a job.

2. I have a conference call with our client to present an advertising campaign for a new service that will launch in early 2008. Our client and I are presenting to the third party that is providing funding for this campaign (think co-op advertising), so that we have their blessing before preceding with the campaign. The entire conference call is a downward spiral. Everything we have planned is wrong--very wrong. Turns out we were not given enough information from the third party when we were briefed. Our "big idea" is shot down in seconds and the rest of the recommendation needs to be completely revamped.

Ouch. If the first one didn't get me, then the second one did.

I ran nice and hard today after work--I'm going to enjoy dinner, eat a fantastic dessert, and see what tomorrow brings.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh damn. So sorry about this. Hang in there and take one day at a time. If something does happen, it is likely because something better is just around the corner. I will be thinking about you.

Amanda said...

Yikes, we're going through this right now with my fiance and all I can say is chin up on the job they are out there!

I got my degree in advertising but ended up in the web world, so you might think of this as a chance to broaden your horizons? Keep running as you know it will help with the crazy stress.

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) Homie!!! I agree with Nancy completely!!! Hang in there!! (easier said than done, right?) Something good has got to be waiting around the corner for ya, I know it!!! ;D ;D

Ted said...

Hang in there dude! I know this sucks but something good will come. As they say, if one door close at you, another door will open for you. Stay strong! The future will be brighter than you ever imagine.