Baby it's cold outside

First, thanks everyone for the encouragement after my last post. I have a talk with my Director this week (he's based in LA but will be in NY this week) to get some more clarity on what is happening and when. Although it has become pretty clear that I should dust off my resume and call the recruiter. The vibe in the office is so weird now: I've been uninvited to meetings, my teammates treat me as if I have a contagious disease, and my boss hasn't looked at me twice since she gave me the news on Wednesday (although that's par for the course for her). It's pretty awkward, and, honestly, I don't know if it's worth sticking around that even if there is a position for me.

But anywho, onto running.

It has been soooo long since I've done a long run. Since MY FIRST MARATHON EVER! the most I've run in one shot is six miles. Yesterday I did nine and oh did I quickly remember how hard it is.

I almost did a gym run because it was 33 degrees/feels like 22 when I woke yesterday. But I told myself "self, you've gone out running during a blizzard before, this is nothing." Well, I was right being able to run outside in this weather, I was wrong about it being nothing. This was my first legit cold weather run: I had to bust out the skully, gloves, and (gasp) track pants for this one. And even then, one mile into the run, I made a left turn and started heading West--right into the 20 mph winds coming straight from Canada. (Damn Canucks!)

On top of the blustery conditions, I had to get used to breathing the cold air. I don't know about you, but my body does not like getting cold air inside of it when it's freezing. So I would catch myself taking swallow breaths and having to force myself to breathe deeply, even though it was icy dry air.

Needless-to-say, this run did not go over too well. When I got home I looked at my time: ten min/mile (my goal was 8:45). The only good news was that I had made a wrong turn during my run. When I recalculated my route it turns out I ran an extra .5 miles, which lowered my pace to 9:29. Better--not great, but better. God I've forgotten how hard it is to get back on this horse.


Nitmos said...

Winter running is a challenge. I also struggle with cold weather asthma (sounds like what you have). This nice thing is that in spring running seems so easy after powering through tough winter.

Ted said...

Hey dude... man, its their loss and I hope they will realized what a good guy you are. (even tho they won't admit it and make you feel like you are a nobody, thats shucks!)
Like you, I am not a big fan of running in cold weather. I prefer anywhere from 40 to 60 degrees. However, I do feel running in spring time quite easy after going through a tough winter. (just like what Nitmos said) Keep up the good work!