Update on Footgate 2008

Went to see the doctor yesterday morning.

She started poking at my foot with her finger and at first it felt fine--I thought I was on the high road to self recovery after the two hour soaking in Epsom salt on Friday night. And then she started scratching at the thing and OOOOOOOO she found it. So she whips out a needle and says she's going to numb the area and start prodding around in there to see if she can get it out. I thought: Great! This is exactly what I wanted, she numbs it, she clean the hell out of it, and it'll be smooth sailing.

But then I discovered that numbing medicine BURNS LIKE A BIATCH. She said: "You're going to feel this needle, but it's just gonna be a baby needle." Yes, the prick of the needle was tiny, but when she started pushing in whatever was in that syringe--sweet. mother. of. JESUS. When I felt that burning in my foot my other leg spasmed--perhaps in an act of sympathy for my right foot. Man that burned. And since the first shot didn't seem to numb the area all the way she had to do it a second time. OUCH OUCH OUCH.

(As you can tell I am a big baby when it comes to needles and doctory stuff. When doctors need to draw blood I always tell them I have to lay down--because I've come very close to fainting on various occasions. The sad part about it is that none of these reactions are voluntary. It's just that any time I'm around a needle all the blood leaves my head (no idea where it goes). You should see how grossed out I get when watching ER or even nip/tuck. It's pathetic.)

And then the ball of my foot went numb. She started probing at the area with I don't know what--I didn't want to look. Then she switched tools and started probing some more. About five minutes later she cleaned up the area and put a bandage on it. She said she cleaned it out and left the wound open so that if anything was left in there it could come out. She said to soak it some more in salt water and to call the podiatrist if it didn't heal in the next couple of days.

So I got home, soaked the foot for another two hours in salt water and then headed out to Target with the wife. After that insanity we came back home and tried this fish restaurant around the corner from our apartment (very good eats there). Then we came home, I soaked the foot some more. And then we watch 5 hours of movies and random programming on TV. (BTW, there is nothing good on Saturday nights.)

It's now 8am and the foot feels fine and dandy. There is just a little bit of tenderness since it's still healing, but otherwise I should be good to go to Dim Sum (yum!), do groceries (boo!), and go to the gym (finally!).


Marcy said...

Dude that sounds so gross LOL. It actually reminds me of the time when one of my fingers got like that except it started turning greenish (gross I know) so the Dr numbed the crap outta it and then sliced that baby open. Most nastiest junk came out :-X :-X :-X *puke* I'm glad you got it taken care of though.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I'm glad you got it taken care of. You can probably soak for significantly less than two hours at a pop. 15 - 20 minutes several times a day is usually just fine. :) My other recommendation... TiVO. Then it doesn't matter what is on. It is seriously one of my most favoritest modern inventions. :D

I know how you feel about not running. I have had this freaking bronichitis/pneumonia/stuffy/cough thing for 3 weeks. Going to try a couple miles today and see if I live through it :D

Feel Better!!

Nitmos said...

I thought, when you were saying she was poking around in your foot, you were going to say that she pulled out that irksome bee from your marathon! It seemed to like to follow you around. Maybe it made a home.

sRod said...

Good one Nitmos, but no it couldn't be the bee. I smited (smote?) it right then and there on the street. Friggin bee.