Et tu foot?

With Olympic Trials and the Marathon going on last weekend there wasn't really any where I could get to easily for a run. So I decided to finally try this urban rebounding class at our gym that my wife goes to every now and then. Basically, it's a step class but on trampolines. And of course, coming off a Marathon, I hit this class at full throttle--since nothing could be worse than a Marathon.

It was pretty fun (except for the complex coordination part, which I failed at) and I got into it. By the end though, the muscles behind my left knee had had enough. Everytime I would bend that knee I'd get a sharp pain on inside of the leg. So much for assuming I was in peak physical condition.

But other than this soreness/strained muscle-ness, I finished the class unscathed.

Fast forward to that evening.

I'm walking around the apartment barefoot putting away groceries/putting away laundry/cursing my 1,000 year old computer, when I step on something small and sharp. OUCH! I turn over my right foot and see a tiny puncture right smack-dab in the middle of the ball of my foot.

Great, so now I can't bend my left leg because its sore and I can't use my right foot because it has a wound. So much for coming back strong this week.


Marcy said...

What the heck did you step on? A tack?

Amanda said...

Ouch and ouch. I have the worst coordination, seriously that's why I had to take up running...but those classes are always fun for something new.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Bummer, Dude. I hope it heals quick.