Why hello, welcome to my home

Ok, for the past few weeks I've been laughing my ass off over this clip that my boss showed me on the good ol' YouTube:

You only have to watch the first minute or two. It's so incredibly, unbelievably, and thoroughly bad. "Do you like this dress? It's very dramatic." I do think it's dramatic, and I also think it's giving me a migraine. I love it.

But then my boss showed me the parody of the video (note: this is not appropriate for work, children, or anyone with reasonably high moral standards):

Holy Hanna. I almost peed my pants the first time I watched this...and the second through fifth times. It's just so hilarious on its own that I don't even need to comment.

On the running front: I went running this morning. My first attempt after Footgate 2008. It was patchy through the first mile, but managed to work the kinks out. The rest of the run (4 miles in total) went pretty well with a 7:55 pace for the last mile and an average pace of 8:37. The only thing is that it's been forever since I've been to the gym before work. So I have to train myself to like it again.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

OH. MY. GOD. The only thing I can think to say has major profanity in it. That is f'ing unbelievable. Follow me to my closest for some fashion. Um, ???? NO THANKS!!

Marcy said...

No Nancy that's "teleport" to my closet LOL!

OMFG!!!!!! Dude, it's a good thing the kiddies are taking a nap HAHAHHAAAA

David said...

Thankfully, Marcy sent me over here to look. I actually threw my headphones off laughing when (as the camera pans up her legs to her body) she said, "The shoes are classic; you can wear them with almost anything. Notice the slit?" LMAO! Wow, she's not a smart person, but clearly went through extensive "polishing" training.

I'll finish the first video and return to comment on the parody.

Thanks for posting this!

David said...

Vageene. Holy crap, that 2nd one is so freakin funny. Thanks!