Went on a run with my friend Johnnie

Somethings I will never understand:
  • How to ask for directions
  • Not to play with fire
  • How the stock market works
  • Where oats, green beans, and barley grow

Now you can add "Don't mix Johnnie Walker and running" to that list.

Friday night was a going away party for one of the people in my office. Who picks a Friday for a work party? I have no clue. But when I give the bartender my credit card to open up my tab, she says there is a $25 minimum. No problem with meeting that minimum since, like any good NYC bar, a (half-empty) glass of Black Label here is $9. And there's no real problem with having three glasses of whiskey because we stopped for pizza before hitting the bar. The problem here is that I'm planning a six mile run the next morning.

So over the course of the next hour and change I throw back the three glasses of whiskey. Then, as I'm about to head out to meet my wife, my coworker pulls me over and says to have a shot with him since he has yet to meet his $25 minimum. So I down a kamikaze with him and get out of there before any more alcohol gets in my body.

The second I get home I pass out. No water, no food, just go straight to bed--well, couch, then the bed. Rock starness personified.

The next morning I wake up with a mild stomachache, but it comes and goes and is more annoying than painful. I drink my weight in water, take a shot of GU and then head out for what I keep telling myself is going to be a nice six miles.

One mile into the run I realize the whole thing was a bad idea and just want to crawl over to a bench, curl up, and take a nap. But even if I convinced myself to do that, I couldn't. It is 39 degrees and windy--and of course I am wearing shorts. So stupid. Who wakes up hung over, puts on shorts, goes running in freezing weather, and does a hilly six mile run? Well, I do. This reeks of the bee sting fiasco at the Baltimore Marathon, except this pain is self inflicted.

I take walking breaks after miles two, three, and four. Although by mile five I must have sweated out all the badness because I started hauling some serious ass at that point. I finished with an average pace of 8:40--not exactly the 8:00 I was hoping for. But I finished, which was enough of a battle to make up for those extra 240 seconds.

I'll consider this a lesson, although I can't say I've learned anything: I am simultaneously starting my training for the Austin Half-Mary and starting the holiday party season. Johnnie is one tough SOB when he teams up with his friend Tryptophan.


Moon said...

Oh, wow...I'm not sure whether or not you deserve applause or a smack to the forehead for going through with the run :) I'll personally take this opportunity to learn from your experience, though, and vow not to mix running with my own favorite bad bar boys (Jose and Jack).

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hee hee, I've learned that one too, only I had a 13 miler the next day, drank and stayed up half the night playing poker. :D

My advice, if you are going to do that, get the water in before you pass out!! :D

Ted said...

Oh man! I hate hangover! My suggestion, drink 5 glass of water or Accelerade before you conk out! The next morning, grab a glass of tomato juice and some greasy eggs and bacon. It will do the wonder!
Jagermeister rules!

Amanda said...

ewww I feel sick just thinking about GU on a stomach full of alcohol, you are a brave brave soul.