Wifey and I are in sunny (i.e., hot and humid) South Florida this week to, among other things, meet our new nephew Dominic:

I know newborns are cute, but he's exceptionally cute. I mean look at the shirt he's wearing, it even says "cute" right across his chest. He doesn't do much except eat, sleep, and poop, but man is that enough to keep my sister and brother-in-law busy. Look forward to more pictures later this week.


Jess said...

Awww, he is cute!

How are you enjoying running down here?

sRod said...

I'm adjusting better to the humidity than I thought I would, but I've also had to slow down my pace a bit. I think my tempo run tomorrow will probably be the most challenging.

Adam said...

Have a good time in FL. You should get a dog, you'd fit right in!!

How did the tempo run go?