The assortment of things that happened on yesterday's long run

Finally (!) the big project at work is over--all the late nights and weekends are done, for now. I updated my timesheet this morning and I was appalled at the total for last week: 66.75 hours. It sucked, but what made me feel worse was that I got the better end of the deal. Some people pulled 100 hours last week. Sigh. Such is advertising.

I officially wrapped up my part of the work on Saturday night at 8pm. Which left me free and clear to destress during my scheduled 11 mile long run. While I didn't completely destress, several curious things happened and some unconnected thoughts floated into my head:
  • I wondered if I could live a day without verbs. (After confering with friends later the consensus was that I could, but if I only said "yes" or "no" all day.)
  • It was the first time in a long time that I ran with music--and I'm not sure if I missed it. It was nice to have the music to entertain and distract, but it felt unnecessary.
  • This was the first run in months that I needed to bust open a gel pack while on the run--those CLIF Shots aren't so hot, I miss GU.
  • A twig/small branch fell from the sky and landed directly in front of me. It frightened the bejesus out of me.
  • During this run I ran over three bridges: the Queensboro, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridges. Each one of these bridges is over 150 feet high and 1.5 miles long. Last time I did this run I had shin splits for a week. This time I conquered the three bridges pain free and in top condition.
  • I almost got hit by a car...I should probably pay a little more attention to where I'm going.
  • Summer streets are almost here!
  • My goal pace was 9:15--which still sounds so painfully slow--I finished with a 9:13 pace.

That long run concluded week four of NYCM training. Only 14 weeks to go until race day!


The Laminator said...

Nice Job, SRod! What route did you take to connect Queensboro to the other bridges? Is it via running down 1st Ave? I have always wanted to this kind of three bridges run but couldn't think of a good way.

Sounds like your NYCM training is going well.

Adam said...

Hooray for projects being over. When you say advertising, all that I can think of is Mel Gibson in "What Women Want". So, that is nice :)

nice work on knocking out the run even though you worked on Saturday, I'm not sure that I could have done that!

Jess said...

Too bad those hours can't be spent like they are in "Mad Men" right? I'm sure some scotch and cigarettes would help!

Ted said...

Congrats on finishing up your huge project. I apologized for not catching up on your blog. First thing, it is a blessing that you didn't get hit by a car.

I cannot believe you actually got into NYC marathon, you lucky dude.

Good luck with the training!

RunToFinish said...

that sounds like me this week. You know I was an Ad major and ended up doing websites, which I love but you are totally right I as the PM will probably do 60-70 and the engineers will be doing like 90

Irish Cream said...

So glad the crappy work weeks are over for a bit! They are the WORST. And yay, so excited for Summer Streets!

Also, it's great to see your NYCM training is going well (although, I almost threw up a little when you mentioned that it's 14 weeks away--Chicago is 3 weeks earlier!! Oh dear!)