Unemployment: Day Nine

So I made a bit of a mistake in yesterday's post. I had started writing it on Monday night...but didn't finish it until Tuesday morning. While I thought I had changed all the references to "tomorrow" to "today" it looks like I missed the first (and most major one). This means that I had my interview yesterday, not today.

It went really well--so I think. The position is perfect: the agency is awesome and is actually having a good year, the location is perfect, the client is brand new to the agency so they are still in the honeymoon period, and--here's the big selling point for me--they allow dogs in the office. Wifey and I don't have a dog, mostly because our landlord doesn't allow them. BUT, if the dog is with me all day then there shouldn't be any yipping or barking during the day for neighbors to get annoyed. So I'm in love with this place right now.

The drawbacks? Well, there is the issue that the cap salary for the position is $5k less than what I made at my old agency. Which sucks, but it's not the worst of things. The other issue, which might become a sticking point, is that I'm pretty senior for this position. I have the right title, but I've done so much at this level that I'm on the cusp of being promoted. And since my immediate supervisor at this place was just promoted there is no growth room for the time being.

I'm hoping this position works out, but I'm still looking furiously for something else.


Adam said...

Blah - weighing pros and cons is annoying. Not to mention when they effect something as life changing as this. *fingers crossed*

FLYERS26 said...

best of luck with your decision.