Sweat and tears

The past week basically boiled down to two things: sweat from running and tears from baby Dominic. Well, truth be told, Dominic didn't really shed any tears while I was there, but I liked the title for the post.

Running in South Florida the past week was hot and sweaty. Every night I told myself I'd be running at 6:30am before the sun went up and every morning the earliest I could wake up was 7:30. By the time I would be on the street the sun was over the trees, immediately kicking the temperature into the low 90s.

But it wasn't the heat, it was the friggin humidity that got me. Every single run was an exercise not in running, but in bodily secretion management. You should have seen my clothes after the 12 mile long run I had last Saturday: every square inch was soaking wet, so wet that I could hear my shorts sloshing during the last four miles of the run. And I won't even begin to describe the chafing that went on down there.

You South Florida runners have my highest respect.

Now, onto the other part of the trip: the new baby. I swear, you are never more documented than when you're a newborn baby. Five minutes didn't go by without someone whipping out the camera and snapping pictures. Which I really don't understand because honestly you don't do anything as a 15 day old. But nonetheless, here are some fantastic pictures of Dominic from the past week.


Biscuitman said...

We get that sort of heat here in Western Australia (and hotter in summer) but luckily not the humidity. We need to go to Queensland for that. Nice photos.

The Laminator said...

Cute baby!

J said...

OMG. So Cute. I love the faces he is making! He is exercising his whole entire face! LOL! SO CUTE!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Awww, what a cutie!

Now how long till you start making him run in the heat with you? It's never too early!

Adam said...

Too cute. Have you bought him any drum sets or ray guns that make LOTS of noise? That would be first on my list.

Irish Cream said...

OMG, he is super cute! Have you given him his first pair of running shoes yet, Uncle sRod?