Unemployment: Day One

That big project that I was working on all those weekends in July? Well, we were defending our biggest piece of business. It didn't work out so well and we lost the business. And in these economic times losing business means lay-offs.

Honestly, I thought I was safe. I had been told that my job was secure because of how little work my department received from this client. Well, two weeks after losing the business (and my first day back from vacation) HR called me up to their office where my President was waiting to deliver the news.

I suspected that this might happen, but it still sucks. It sucks because of how much hard work I put in during July. It sucks because there didn't seem to be a business reason to let me go. It sucks because they are releasing me into the worst possible job market in the past 40 years.

I took today easy. I woke up with Wifey and went out late for a very difficult tempo run. Then I watched The Price is Right (Drew Carey is no Bob Barker) and went to the park for a bit before coming home and hitting the ol' job search regiment. There are some prospects, but for now it's pretty sad looking out there.


FLYERS26 said...

Keep your head up!
One door closes, and another one will open. Running is a great stress reliever!

Laura said...

So sorry to hear about this! Don't worry though - you'll get through it easier than you think, and maybe even find a job you like better!

Drop me an e-mail at absolutromantic at gmail with some info on what you're looking to do now and I can see if I know of any opportunities. Hey, free travel for you and Wifey if I find something at my own company!

PS - A full hour of Judge Judy comes on at 4. Don't miss it.

J said...

Man. That's a bummer. Sorry this happened to you.

Biscuitman said...

That sucks. Good luck with the search but make sure you enjoy the break if you can. A good opportunity to train hard and recover well.

Nitmos said...

Major bummer. I know from what you post that you seem like a real conscientious employee so it must have really hurt them to have to take this step.

Best of luck. I often think that things typically work out for the best eventually.

Adam said...

I’m nearly at a loss for words on how much this sucks. Sort of salt in the wounds for all of your weekend work this summer.