The swine grind

For the first time ever I've put together a playlist for a race and I'm not excited to hear it. It feels worn out: I haven't bought new music in a while so all my current music is played out and I have no new music to spice it up. I'm seriously hoping the course entertainment will live up to expectation and that I'll be so busy following the pacer that I won't care what I'm hearing.

After several hours of ordering and "mixing" here's the final playlist for The Pig.

  • Proud Mary; Tina Turner (yup, still need it to kick off a race)
  • California's Burning; Augustana
  • We Used to Vacation; Cold War Kids
  • I Feel It All; Feist
  • See the Sun; The Kooks
  • What She Came For; Franz Ferdinand
  • I Turn My Camera On; Spoon (this song single-handedly made me a Jaguar fan)
  • Wow; Snow Patrol
  • Tell Me In the Morning; Cold War Kids
  • Rock Wit You; Alicia Keys
  • Viva la Vida; Coldplay
  • Sam's Town; The Killers
  • In The Hospital; Friendly Fires (my new favorite band)
  • Down to the Market; The Kooks
  • Stab My Back; The All-American Rejects
  • Song I don't know the name of
  • Unstoppable; Santogold
  • Losing Touch; The Killers
  • Razor Blade; The Strokes
  • Freedom 90; George Michael
  • Ulysses; Franz Ferdinand
  • A Dustland Fairytale; The Killers
  • Lazy Gun; Jet
  • Detriot; Black Gold
  • All Time Lows; Hellogoodbye
  • Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough; Michael Jackson (Marcy's favorite)
  • You're My Favorite; Caesars
  • Roxanne; The Police
  • She Doesn't Get It; The Format
  • Blinded By the Light; Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  • Rehab; Amy Winehouse
  • Lucid Dreams; Franz Ferdinand
  • Attention; The Academy Is
  • 11:11 PM; The All-American Rejects
  • Bitch; Rinocerose
  • Barracuda; Heart
  • Electricity Scape; The Strokes
  • Time Bomb; The Format
  • Canned Heat; Jamiroquai
  • The River Is Wild; The Killers
  • Outsiders; Franz Ferdinand
  • Red Light; The Strokes
  • ABC; Jackson 5 (my old school addition to this playlist)
  • Paul McCartney; Scissor Sisters
  • Mr. Brightside; The Killers
  • Beat It; Fall Out Boy (lots of Jackson and Jackson-inspired music)
  • Jump In The Pool; Friendly Fires
  • No You Girls; Franz Ferdinand
  • H.A.P.P.Y. Radio; Edwin Starr (I first heard this song during a spin class forever ago and found it a perfect song for the final kick)
  • She Don't Use Jelly; Ben Folds Five
  • Hot N Cold; Katy Perry (this is my one pop music cave in for the playlist because it is SO DAMN CATCHY)
  • White Diamonds; Friendly Fires
  • You Spin Me Round (Like a Record); Dead or Alive
  • 25 Miles; Edwin Starr (What follows has pretty much stayed the same for the past three races)
  • Times Like These; Foo Fighters
  • Juicebox; The Strokes
  • Let's Dance to Joy Division; The Wombats
  • The Pretender; Foo Fighter
  • Move Along; The All-American Rejects


Anonymous said...

love that 25 miles song... that's one I heard during a spin class and knew it had to go on a marathon list

Jess said...

A lot of those are awesome songs! I love to end a run with the Foo's "The Pretender" that song is just made for running!

The Laminator said...

Hope you DON'T have to use your playlist...not because your songs are not great, but that the music on the course and the race ambience is that much better!

Anonymous said...

ha that is quite a collection of artists! Love it! Gave me some good ideas for adding to my list before the race this weekend. thankssss! ;)

Marcy said...

I do! I love it! That song is classic HAHA!

Irish Cream said...

ARG . . . my playlist is getting so old too. Perhaps I shall steal some of your songs to brighten mine up!

My bet is that you won't even need the music--I bet the race will be rockin'!

Ted said...

Terrific playlist you got there. Good Luck with the Flying Pig. By the way, loved the Killers (Sam's Town and Mr. Brightside). There is one terrific song by Foo Fighters called My Hero that you might want to add.

Ted said...

What was I thinking??? I forgot to add one more thing.

GOOD LUCK and KICK ASS at the Flying Pig.

John at Hella Sound said...

I just popped in Jamiroquai "Return of the Space Cowboy" recently--been a long time. It instantly transported me back to the mid-nineties. Great album.
Kick some butt @ the Flying Pig! And don't let any of the locals talk you into eating a Skyline Chili coney--that stuff'll lock a hurt on ya something fierce.

Nitmos said...

"The Pretender" could be self-mocking that late in the race...potentially.

Good luck! Kick pig butt!

Adam said...

Nice playlist. I still laugh when I think of how much time you spend on it. Shuffle for me all the way!

I TOTALLY hear you though on the stale music. I've been mostly downloading pop crap.