I see runners

I spent today in my client's offices in Connecticut. Usually on Boston Marathon Monday I can play the race in the background of my computer while I'm working, but looks like this year I'd have to miss it. I spent the whole day today talking to my co-workers and bosses about the Marathon and my own upcoming race in less than two weeks (!!!).

When we wrapped up our meetings we hopped on the Amtrak to head back to the city. We grabbed seats on the cafe car so that we could all sit facing each other. Now, this was five in the afternoon and this train probably left Boston around 3PM (to get into NYC at 7:15).

While we're sitting there a guy walks by with a 2009 Boston Marathon t-shirt on--and I do a double take. For him to be on this train means that: 1) he had to be in the first wave, 2) finished in less than three hours, 3) had time to shower, and 4) had time to get to a train station (which is pretty difficult on Marathon Monday). Never mind that the guy had children with him, which i assumes only slows down the process.

Wow. You could not get me on a train and heading home so quickly after a race. Hell, for The Flying Pig I'm staying in town for 28 hours after the race. Maybe these Boston runners are superhuman.


chia said...

The first 50 finishers medals must have teleportation powers. Sheesh, that was impressive.

Adam said...

I think that super human is the only thing it COULD be right? Although, Chia has me thinking about teleportation.... I need to look into that for my next race.