It's Wednesday already?

How did that happen? Oh yeah, 13 hour workdays and then a weekend full of driving (did you know that New Hampshire is FIVE hours away from New York City?).

So I missed my two year blogoversary--it was April 4, please send all gifts (monetary preferred) to my attention. Also, I haven't been able to share the great news form this weekend: my race!

To recap: my Half-marathon PR is 1:53:41 and I've been clocking times in this range for about two years. My ambitious goal was 1:50:00. However, this being New England there were lots of hills and 40 mph wind gusts.

But if the Newport Marathon was any indication, the harder the race, the better my PR. Yes folks, I didn't just make my goal of 1:50:00, I crossed the finish line in 1:48:40--that is a whole FIVE MINUTES OFF my Half-Marathon PR!!!

Full race report to follow...probably this weekend.


aron said...

CONGRATS on the huge PR!!!!

Ted said...

Whhhhooooaaaa.. Congrats on the new PR. That is freaking awesome. I do look forward to your full post-race report. You must have lots of heavy metal stuff that you listened to (your iPod).

The Laminator said...

I've been waiting for your PR report to motivate me to set my own. Get on it, please!

Congrats again, SRod!

Jess said...

Congrats!! That's awesome.

Irish Cream said...

That is a HUGE PR!! Awesome job, SRod!! Can't wait to read all about it :)

Jason@nycin310.com said...

I noticed you ran the Healthy Kidney 10K last year. I just posted a course map and elevation chart of this year's course on my blog www.nycin310.com so drop by and check it out. And start strategizing for this years race on May 16th '09!



Adam said...

That is so great! Nice work!!

All of the training is totally paying off.