Not all running is about Marathons

The Pig--my third Marathon, the first Marathon I have to really travel for, and a potential PR--looms a mere 105 hours away. However, as much as I make a huge deal out of Marathons and Half-Marathons and as much as I try to run them all over this great big country, there are still two shorter distance races that I have made it on my lifelong "must run" list.

Currently there are two such races on the list. The first is the Bolder Boulder 10K. It is a bit of a celebrity race in that there are 50,000+ runners, rolled out in 50+ waves. It's also an excuse to go to Colorado and enjoy the outdoors. This has been the more recent addition to list and I think I first heard aobut it reading a prideful post over at Half-Fast.

The other race on my short list of short races was actually one of the first races I ever heard about: Bay to Breakers 12K. The first time I heard about Bay to Breakers was actually one of the first times I picked up Runner's World (back about five years ago). I remember reading about a group of people that dressed up as salmon and ran the course backyards (from finish to start) in order to go mating. I died laughing when I read that.

Over the years I've only read more about the crazy costumes, outrageous traditons, and all around good times. Actually, I have yet to hear of any other race that comes as close to a block party as Bay to Breakers. If I lived within any kind of driving distance of San Francisco I would totally run thsi race every year.

So imagine my surprise when after reading about this year's Bay to Breakers in Runner's World I get an email from the Bay to Breakers' PR agency. Apparently, one of them found my blog and liked it (wtf?). At first my mind just to the impossible: they're offering me a bib number! Could I be that famous?

But then I actually read the email and found this to not be the case. (Sigh.) Instead, they are offering a bit of a deal for any of you (fair readers) who might be interested in signing up for the race! Below are details for getting 5% off early registration to the race:
  • Visit www.ingbaytobreakers.com for details about the race
  • Register online by midnight on April 30th, 2009 to receive the early registration price with an additional 5% discount http://tinyurl.com/cy3vkw
  • Enter this coupon code 5SROD2009 (case sensitive) and click ‘redeem’ before completing your registration
  • This offer is limited to the first 100 registrants, so make sure to register as soon as possible!
  • Please direct any questions to info (at) ingbaytobreakers (dot) com
  • The Fine Print: This is an online offer only. Discount is valid only for the registration fee. It is not applied to optional purchases such as the MUNI pass or packet mailing fee.

It might not save a ton of money (less than $2 for single runners), but first, your money goes to charity and second your other option is to pay that money. So there.

Enjoy peoples.


Jess said...

Those are good races (so I hear), and I would personally recommend the Army Ten Miler in DC, and Disney World has a few unique distance runs too: Race for the Taste 10K (which is fun and you get an awesome medal that's a chef's hat!), as well as their Tower of Terror 13K.

CyclingDivas said...

I would so surprise you with that entry but you'll be down here with us that weekend - but next year...you are there!

Vanilla said...

A prideful post at Half-Fast? You must be mistaken.

Let me know if you ever get around to running the Bolder Boulder. It's my favorite race every year.

Nitmos said...

A 3:40, eh? Well, good luck at the Pig. After that hill, if you time things just right, you might ba able to roll back to the finish after mile 8.

Vanilla said...

I couldn't leave out the part about the salmom, it's like the most famous thing about the race. I did let you have the part about mating though.

Ted said...

I used to live in Colorado and I regret not being able to run in the Bolder Boulder. It is a riot. I have heard so much about it. I still want to go back and do it.

Adam said...

I've really thought about doing the bolder boulder. I hear that it is QUITE a sight to see.

Good luck this weekend! I'm jealous that you haven't had to travel yet for a marathon.

Ashley Davis said...

The Boulder Boulder is awesome. And clearly the trip to CO is worth it... :) We used to go watch the Boulder Boulder when I was a kid.