Two weeks

A while back I noted that nine days was my threshold for consecutive days of not running/working out. It has now been two weeks. Peoples, I am down.

I stopped running on January 3 because of my IT Band. Since then I've only done weights because I'm scared to do anything that involves my knee. But it got boring after two weeks of nothing but weights. I seriously don't know how those guys I see in the gym do weights day in and day out. Sure, running is a repetitive activity, but at least you're not sitting in one place being repetitive. So I've stopped doing weights in order to not go crazy.

Then, somehow, two weeks of non-activity suddenly happened. Due to me not having a team at work and trying to squeeze in doctor appointments before the Texas trip, the week of MLK Day was shot to shit. And then I didn't take any workout clothes or shoes on my trip to Texas--because I thought "what's the point?"

So here I am, getting a blog entry in before wifey wakes up and we head over to the gym. I am mostly dreading the return to the treadmill since it has been so long. I am also revising my planned races for 2008, seeing that I missed Austin and probably won't make it for Great Bay. But I should be in fine shape for Fairfield and Vermont, since they are so far off. I'm not sure about DC at this point. I'll see where I'm at this summer, so it'll stay on the list for now.

In loosely related running news. While in Texas I bought the Runner's World Complete Book of Running since for a long time I have felt the need for some kind of guide to running. (Going on my gut instinct hasn't always proven the wisest track.) It's filled with stuff that I've already gathered over time, but now all that knowledge is in one convenient place. Funny how I'm only half-way through the book but I've already marked it up more than any of my college text books.


Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) Hang in there homes! I know it's tough taking so much time off :-(

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Take it slow, but please come back. I think even a little activity will help the attitude too. We're pulling for ya.