Everything IS bigger in Texas

Writing in from the hotel computer in San Antonio this morning. This weekend was supposed to be my attempt at the Austin Half-Marathon--an attempt which has been been botched. We flew into San Antonio at 11:45pm on Friday and decided to stay, since there is unfortunately no reason to drive the 1hr 30min to Austin anymore.

So I'm torn this morning between being sad that I couldn't run today's race...which at this point I'd be two miles into...and being excited to be on vacation and far away from the stress of the work (which at this moment only seems to compound with every day at the office).

Anywho, I did see the orthopedic on Thursday. He said that everything looked fine from the MRI, x-rays, and his physical exam, which means that I should just rest my knee (which I have for a month) and try easing myself back into running. So I'm taking it slow...taking J's advice from a few weeks back. If that doesn't work, I'll be going back to the doctor for some PT.

I consulted my sister--a pharmacist--about my knee and she recommended a product called MonaVie. My sister is just as skeptical as I am about most products, especially drinks that claim to be cure-alls, but she said that she's had customers and friends heal remarkably well and very quickly just by adding this juice to their morning routine. So I might buy a bottle and see what it does. It apparently the drink is also infused with the joint-easing chemical combo of glucosamine and chondroitin. My one question is: if this is the miracle fruit, why did it take until 2007 to hit the general market?

One last update, this one on Footgate 2008--which I accidentally labeled 2008, not knowing at the time that it would carry over into this year. On Monday and Tuesday of this week my right foot has been particularly bothering me right where the glass had come in. On Tuesday night, I took a close look at it and found something. I noticed that there was something reflective inside the cut. I thought at first that it might be my skin just looking particularly waxy because there couldn't possibly be any glass in there, at least nothing noticeable, because the doctor poked around in there for a good 10 minutes and found nothing. But my wife convinced me to take a pair of tweezers to it anyway.

I pick at the shiny area to realize that it was, indeed, a chard of glass. It was about a quarter-inch long and about 1/16 of an inch in diameter. This thing was lodged in my foot for three months. I have run with this thing lodged in my foot and not even noticed. WTF. Super WTF? I didn't know the human body could do that. The next morning my foot was as good as it was prior to Footgate 2008--nothing hurt and nothing was swollen. But it still gives me the creeps that it was lodged in my foot for three months. Uck.


Ted said...

Holy shit! Sorry for the swearing part. That thing was lodge in there for 3 friggin months. Man!
I thought Footgate was in reference to Tom Brady's foot (NE Patriots QB).
Looks like Mona-vie is a bottle of wine!
Hope you feel better and take it easy during your recovery phase.

Nitmos said...

At least you found it and got it out of there. After a few days to heal, I bet that foot is good to go!

Amanda said...

And none of your doctors noticed it either?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Your body must have walled it off for a while. I've heard of this before but it's still weird. So glad you got it out!!

I love San Antonio. Have a blast!!

RunnerGirl said...

Glad you got that thing out of there, sounds pretty painful. Enjoy San Antonio!