Some progress

The bad news this week is that work has completely burnt me out. This was a massively stressful week, with more and more work piling up and no team members yet to share it with. It's a little hard to describe without going into ridiculous detail, but let's just say I was trying to juggle the work of three people by myself and stuff was starting to get out of my control.

Friday there was finally some relief: my president assigned a director to my account. I sat down with the director and told her everything that had been going on with the account. I hadn't worked with her before, but so far I think I'm going to work very well with her. And it was just comforting to know that I wasn't working on my own anymore.

The good news this week was that I went for a run on Thursday morning and was able to get up to four miles with out major pain. I felt like I could have gone longer, but I needed to stop in order to get ready for work. I do have to note that I took four regular tylenol before heading out for the run--which probably is responsible for the absence of major pain. I only had some tingling sensation in the knee and it didn't hurt going up and down stairs (as it would normally after a run). I also noticed that the pain stayed at bay if I focused on running as upright as possible.

I'm going to try running again today, trying to replicate what I was able to do on Thursday.

I'll be heading out in a bit to head over to the gym. In the meanwhile, I am actually doing research for work: watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon (since my client is a toy company, I have to know what programming is on these channels).

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Amanda said...

mmm work stress really sucks...more so than you might think when you are young and carefree in college...yes I have a twitch in my eye this morning from it!

Yeah for a good run! Hope another one follows.