Two weeks, part two

Saturday's run went as expected. Everything started fine--I went at a super easy pace and I had walking breaks after every mile. But three miles into it my knee started to hurt. It was like I hadn't rested it at all. Before the pain got intense I started walking and finished with some ab work and a generous amount of stretching. I forgot to ice my knee afterward, but it felt fine once I stopped running--I guess I caught it early enough.


On Sunday I did weights. Not too boring since I haven't done them in a while. I made sure to do weights on my oft-neglected quads and hamstrings.

I'll be calling the doctor this week to see about Physical Therapy.

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Nitmos said...

You've went though the checklist of possible culprits? Shoes? Stretching? Rest? Enemies with voodoo dolls? Hmmm, that's bummer. Maybe the PT will in fact have the key to resolving this.