Turning a blind eye

So hanging out with the friend won last night. Also managed to work until 8pm, which didn't help the situation. But hopefully skipping this one run (9 miles on a hills course on a treadmill) won't through my off too much. I know I'll be paying for it tomorrow: 11 miles around Manhattan. At least the route I'm comtemplating is relatively flat:

-Start at Queens side of Queensboro/59th Street bridge
-Run over bridge (get the hill out of the way early)
-Run down the East Side along the East River
-At battery Park turn north and run up the West Side along the Hudson

Still have to map this out to figure out if this is indeed 11 miles. Fortunately, the good people at Map My Run do an excellent job of making this easy. Just click, add a few points, and you have your route. For most purposes it is ideal. But be warned: if you map a complex run with lots of turns (e.g., Central Park) the site slows down tremendously. Also, the search feature on their beta site isn't fully functional yet (as of Wednesday night).

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