Went for a quick run last night--5 flat miles on treadmill. My goal was to finish at a 8:30 pace, so a time of 42:30.

Extremely excited that I started off strong, hitting 7.0 mph within the first few minutes. I was coasting along a little too easy when this started to happen during mile 2:

My shins started to get tight. So I tried to adjust my stride, but no luck. Once I have my form down for a run, it's very hard to change.

In the name of saving my legs for another day I took a break at 3.75 miles. After a little walking I hit the machine again--ignoring the dull pain (as I probably shouldn't have). Finished spectacularly in 42:25, but oh my shins. Poor boys.

I don't know if it's the shoes (which need to be retired) or the little hill I threw in at the beginning of the run or the 3 enormous hills I did on Saturday. Hopefully I'll be fixing the shoe one soon...you know, if I ever make it to the running store. What kind of runner forgets to stop at the running store even when they pass it everyday on the way to work? Me.

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