Still hurts

So last night went on the treadmill for 8 miles. Shins still hurt and not sure why. I actually had to stop the machine at the 2 mile mark and stretch my legs because I could feel the mounting tightness. I finished just fine, but I could just feel my shins getting tight (which makes it difficult to want to run faster or increase the incline). I think the Bridges run I did last weekend really threw me off--that'll show me about being super ambitious about suddenly throwing in massive hills into my training.

But in other, perhaps more exciting news...I got a new job! And while I am in advertising, which has very little to do with runnning, my new boss is a marathoner. Isn't that something, I will actually have something in common with my boss. It will be a first. The new office is in swanky SoHo, which is an extra 15 swanky minutes further than my current midtown job. 15 minutes sounds like a short amount of time, but I feel like it may be the deciding factor between being on a post-work "I'm-going-running!" high and a post-work "I'm-exhausted-from-the-work-day" low.

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