Good to go!

A week from today I'll be running the Long Branch Half-Marathon in Long Branch, NJ. Since it's been about 7 months since I last ran a race I'm a bit out of practice, but after a solid two months of training not only am I back at the level I was at back in September, but I think I might even improve my time. Yesterday I ran an 8-mile loop around Central Park and maintained an 8:30 pace--which is fan-f***ing-tastic because there are some monster hills in Central Park, as opposed to the Long Branch course which is all flat. I'm completely stoked because there is a good chance I could make a PR during this race.

Yesterday I also went through the first of my pre-race rituals: I put together the playlist for my iPod. A week before every race I put together my playlist for the race. The process takes a good hour or so. I start by taking a look at my iTunes library, pick out the best running songs in it, and put them into one playlist. (Normally, I buy several new albums between races.) Then I rate the songs using the stars and the following system:

  • 1 star ("inspiration songs") = exciting, super high energy start song to help set the pace
  • 2 stars ("transistion songs") = similar to 1 star songs, but just a tiny bit slower to make sure I don't burn out in first half of the race
  • 3 stars ("groove songs") = these are the pace songs, they are the slowest in the mix, but they are good for keeping pace and help for the "workhorse" middle portion of a race
  • 4 stars ("warning songs") = faster than 3 stars (and kinda like 2 stars), these warn me that I'm close to the end and that I better pick up the pace if I'm behind because the end is around the corner
  • 5 stars ("power songs") = the crown jewels of the mix, these push me through the finish line and tell me to start sprinting if I'm not there yet (these can also be called the "oh shit" songs, because they mean "oh shit, I have to haul ass")

After rating all the songs then I sort the list by rating and make sure the songs gel from one to the next and then take it out for a test run. The mix for Long Branch is pretty good, I may end up switching out a song or two, but here's the mix in playing order:

  • 1 star section:
  • Proud Mary, Tina Turner (always my first song)
  • Spirit, Caesars
  • Out Here All Night, Damone
  • Cubicle, Rinocerose
  • Say This Sooner, The Almost
  • Heartbreak Stroll, The Raveonettes
  • Crankin' Up, Caesars
  • 2 stars section:
  • Filthy Gorgeous (Extended Original), Scissor Sisters
  • Abra Cadaver, The Hives
  • Evil and a Heathen, Franz Ferdinand
  • Tres Deseos, Gloria Estefan
  • Is It Any Wonder?, Keane
  • I'm Waiting, The All-American Rejects
  • Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand
  • Suddenly I See, KT Tunstall
  • 3 stars section:
  • Hang Me Up to Dry, Cold War Kids
  • SexyBack, Justin Timberlake
  • I Like the Way (Radio Edit), Bodyrockers
  • I Turn My Camera On, Spoon
  • The Fallen, Franz Ferdinand
  • Unknown song from my friend
  • Freedom 90, George Michael
  • Tell Me in the Morning, Cold War Kids
  • 11:11 PM, The All-American Rejects
  • Lights, Editors
  • Rubidoux, Cold War Kids
  • 4 stars section:
  • It's Not the Fall That Hurts (US Mix), Caesars
  • Hey Teacher, Louis XIV
  • You Could Have It So Much Better, Franz Ferdinand
  • Let's Go Parking Baby, Caesars
  • Vertigo, U2
  • Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones, The Hives
  • 5 stars section:
  • Soulchaser (US Mix), Caesars
  • I Don't Feel Like Dancin', Scissor Sisters
  • Move Along, The All-American Rejects

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Michelle J said...

Hi, just came across your blog! Very nice! I expecially like your music playlist! Good stuff! I forgot about the All American Rejects! I'm off to do some downloading!!!