Awesome idea

Every now and then I get a flash of genius while running.  Tuesday was one of those days.  Out of the blue I got the idea to create: Runner Bingo!

I've created the game card below for my game.  In the card I've put in things that I'm somewhat likely to see on a run at some point, but nothing so common that I'd fill up the card during a Tuesday morning track session.  The game starts on Saturday and I'll be playing until I fill up the card at which point I'll reward myself with some running related goody (new shorts? new shoes? new hat? who knows?!?).

My goal is to post an update every time I see one of these things while running--and therefore stamp it with my Bingo marker.

Double running stroller
Barefoot runner
Getting “chicked”
Slow running group, 3+ abreast
Running in the bike lane
Article of 80’s running gear
Shirt from a race I’ve run
Batman belt
Power walker
Overdressed for the weather
Getting “geriatricked”
Running against traffic on track
Running after a race
Cyclist on running path
Long socks with shorts
Inappropriate foot wear
D-Tag on shoe (not during a race)
Non-iPod music device
Overly coordinated running outfit
Camel Pack
Bandana on head
Runner with multiple dogs

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Laura said...

What a GREAT idea! I'm psyched to hear how it goes :)