Runner Bingo, round one

Two and a half weeks into training to the MDI Marathon and I've already marked off five squares from my Runner Bingo card!

  • Headband (spotted 7/12, at Astoria track): this black-haired dude was rocking out to whatever he was listening to on his headphones...headphones that were over a black headband that I didn't notice until the second time I passed the guy.
  • Slow running group, 3+ abreast (various sightings while at track): while I love having runners of all capabilities at the track they all seem to neglect some basic rules, such as slow runners and walk go in the outside lanes and that you should never be more than two abreast.  Now that I've been running the afternoons, I only see more an more infractions of these basic rules.
  • Running in the bike lane (spotted 7/10 at Key Biscayne): I'll count this one, although technically I didn't spot it...I did it.  I was visiting family in Miami and I went with my aunt to Key Biscayne: she for her 20+ mile bike ride, me for my 12 mile long run.  Although she's done this ride a million times, she didn't give me the heads up that the running path eventually ends and I would have to run in the bike lane on the shoulder of the road.
  • Overdressed for the weather (spotted 7/12 at Astoria track): the high today was 95ish.  This gentleman thought that by 8p it had cooled down enough that he could wear his windbreaker zipped all the way up.  No, sir.  No.
  • Long shorts with shorts (spotted 7/5 at Astoria track): The first day of playing Runner Bingo I had this sighting.  I was stretching after my track workout and noticed one guy passing by in the long sock/shorts combo.  He looked about as funny as you would think he did.

Double running stroller
Barefoot runner
Getting “chicked”
Slow running group, 3+ abreast
Running in the bike lane
Article of 80’s running gear
Shirt from a race I’ve run
Batman belt
Power walker
Overdressed for the weather
Getting “geriatricked”
Running against traffic on track
Running after a race
Cyclist on running path
Long socks with shorts
Inappropriate foot wear
D-Tag on shoe (not during a race)
Non-iPod music device
Overly coordinated running outfit
Camel Pack
Bandana on head
Runner with multiple dogs

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