And the clusterF rolls on

Damn.  I had a good streak going with pretty consistent posts.  And for once I didn't have a lack of things to write about.  I have genuinely not had time for any blog writing since March 15.  Life has been a complete clusterF the last half of March.  Wifey was out of town for a week and a half for business, then we visited my family in South Florida--where we met our new little niece, Giada (no pictures because we left our camera at home, boo!)!  On top of that both of my clients at work have been extremely busy while my team has been snatched away to work on trying to get a new piece of business.

And the best part?  It's not over yet.  Wifey is in the middle of flying back and forth to meetings across the country.  And I--not to be out traveled--am getting ready to go to Hong Kong tomorrow.  That's right: Hong mother-effing Kong.  I'll be sitting on a air plane for 16 hours (deep vein thrombosis anyone?) and going to the other side of the world for a series of client meetings.  And while I'm excited, I really could have done without the super late nights I've put in to get our presentation together (10p here, 1a there).  And our poor apartment: it is so unloved and such a mess.  We haven't cooked in days, the laundry pile is sky high, and thanks to Wifey's doubled efforts to get a decent tomato crop this year, we have lined every free square inch of the apartment with tomato seedlings--it's a greenhouse in here!

And while I am usually able to stick to my training schedule during the toughest of times, the past few weeks have just wiped their ass with my training plans.  The past eight days are just a series of missed and incomplete runs.  It looks pathetic on the training plan, but there is no way I can wake up at 530a after having stayed up until 1a working on a presentation.

But the good news is that the worst appears to be behind me--and the hotel in Hong Kong has an excellent gym from what I can tell online.  Maybe I'll even be able to do my first ever post from abroad next week!

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Laura said...

My doctor makes me pop an aspirin for any flights over 4 hours... maybe something to try?

Hope you get to relax a bit in HK and enjoy it! And you know me... I WANT GYM PICS :)