Fast boat to China

I got back from my Hong Kong work trip on Saturday night.  What a wild week that was.  It's 16-hours straight from JFK to Hong Kong plus a 12 hour time difference.  Coming from New York, it's a pretty awesome city: a lot like San Francisco, except there is an Hermes or Cartier store on every corner (seriously, Hong Kong has Hermes stores like New York has J. Crews, it's insane).  We ate a lot of Chinese food--Beijing, Shanghai, Canton cusines--but I was very impressed by the diversity of international cuisine, there was even a Cuban place: my people have made it to Hong Kong!  The meetings were very intense, but productive.

Despite being way off my time and sleep cycle, I did all my runs last week.  Since the machine only displayed kilometers, I had to take a little cheat sheet with conversions for distance and pace.  Now if I completed the runs or did them as fast as I was supposed to is a different story--but I got on the treadmill four of the five mornings I was there.

When I arrived back on Saturday night I passed out.  I slept for 10.5 hours straight.  For those who know me that is close to impossible.  I think the last time I slept that much was one time I was sick in middle school.  And this is the first time ever that Wifey has woken up before me--first time, ever.  It was great--except that it completely blew my plans to run 12 miles that morning.

Finally, an apology to Laura: I'm sorry, but I didn't get pictures of the gym.  Every time I remembered to take a picture of the gym for you there were people in the gym.  And I didn't want to be the creepy guy taking pictures of sweaty people at the gym.  If it's any consolation, the view from the treadmills was kinda like this (notice the cargo ships in the background, they are always coming in or out):

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Laura said...

LOL! I actually often don't take pictures of my hotel gym for EXACTLY that reason... I don't want to be the creeper with the camera :)

Glad you had a great trip!