Updates of a sorted variety

I am currently suffering from too many thoughts for posts and not enough time to post them.  So I will resort to the bulleted list:
  • I've been thinking about switching over to tumblr.com.  I've known about them for years but didn't really see any advantage until Wifey started using it.  Of course that would require time and dedicated effort (neither of which I really have right now).
  • I have a Twitter handle: what _runnery.  But don't get excited, I've had it for about a month and just posted my first tweet today, a tweet that has nothing to do with running.
  • Might adopt a dog today--there are a couple adoption events in the city today and we're visiting two of them.
  • I donated blood on Wednesday.  Unexpected side effect to giving blood: running becomes really hard!  It's bad enough that I'm pushing myself hard for this training cycle, but now I'm fatiguing like no one's business.
  • Summer is so freaking close...meaning that it's almost BBQ season!  I can't wait!  Not only will the sRod household BBQ be firing up weekly(ish) but we've already purchased VIP passes to the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.
  • I'm eyeing up the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Maine for October.  Registration is filling up fast so I might be registering in the week or so.
  • The Historic Half is 2.5 weeks away and I'm...not prepared.  I've been trying to run faster, but I think I found my ceiling.  It doesn't help that I've been traveling like crazy during training (Miami, Philadelphia, and Hong Kong, just in the past six weeks).  It's also allergy season now, so my sinuses are about as useful as a cement-filled drain pipe.  The blood donation above doesn't help the situation.  This race will be interesting indeed.

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