Kick off for Fredericksburg Historic Half

It's official: I've signed up for my next race!  I'll be running the Marine Corps Historic Half on May 15 and I am already two days into training.

Now, this isn't exactly my first choice for Virginia.  I was looking forward to maybe the original rock n roll half at Virginia Beach.  Or maybe that darling of the Runner's World editorial staff: the Richmond Marathon.  So why this race?  My friend who went to grad school in Little Rock (home to the biggest medal in road racing) now lives there.  I had promised her while she lived in Little Rock that we would go down there and visit--and run the Little Rock Marathon while I was there.  But two Marches came and went and no trip to Little Rock.  Now she's back on this side of the Mississippi and I'm not going to go back on my word twice.

Since I set out hard goals for Austin and was able to pretty much meet them, I've set even higher goals for the Historic Half in hopes of pretty much meeting them too.  But even knowing that I can run a 1:41 race, I'm still freaked out a little when I look at my training plan and see 1:35 as the goal finish time and a goal race pace of 7:15.  Eek.  Not too long ago 7:15 was a good mile repeat for me, now I'm going to try holding that pace for 13.1 miles.  And any finish time in the 1:30s sounds completely foreign to me.  So let's see how this goes.

.  that also means I've had to increase all my again, and again put together an equally stepped up plan


The Laminator said...

Time to step it up! Welcome to the 1:30s...it's a good place to be. I think you've got this in the bag =)

Irish Cream said...

Look at you, Mr. Speedy! I have to agree with Lam . . . you've got this in you for sure! Can't wait to follow along with you as you step it up! ;)

Nitmos said...

You have had a killer last year! 1:35....then 1:30....I see where this is going.