Muted running

I think it's been pretty well established that I like listening to music while I run. So I find it very odd that I have taken Liam on a run exactly once during the past three weeks of Marathon training (about 15 runs). I realized this on Thursday when I went to the track for Yasso 800s--which usually require music--and didn't even realize I forgot Liam until I arrived back home.

I have to say, I'm starting to see some truth to all that stuff about "listen to your body, not your music." Without music I'm finding it a lot easier to manage my pace. I'm also having a better time controlling my breathing--and training myself to inhale/exhale with my left step as to avoid stitches. I don't miss the music and I don't find myself getting bored either.

That said, today is going to be my first long run by myself in about six weeks. And I'm putting together a playlist now (borrowing heavily from our recently purchased, 50+ track, Michael Jackson Essentials albums) to accompany me on the run. Old habits, right?


So my job continues to kill me slowly--this has been another hectic week with crazy hours and mad dash work. I'm just trying to get to July 28 at which point I'll be a free (and very tired man).


Jess said...

I hate running without music. Unless I'm running with people to talk to. I guess I need a distraction.

Irish Cream said...

Hmm, interesting. Maybe the reason I suck so badly at pacing myself is because I'm always listening to music? I should try running sans ipod.

Crazy work weeks SERIOUSLY suck. Almost to July 28 . . . hang in there! :)

The Laminator said...

Yes...I'm glad you're finally coming around...now if we can only get you to run a marathon sans music...