Random thoughts

Some things I'm thinking about while waiting for my boss to show up for this 2pm meeting he called (yes, it's Sunday, and yes, it's 3pm right now):
  • FML
  • I should have planned to go to the beach yesterday. Mr. Weatherman you lied about the rain on Saturday--it was perfect summer weather. I need to place less trust in your forecasts.
  • I really, really, really want a dog. Particularly this one. Or this one. Stupid landlord and his no pets rule.
  • I would prefer a job that rewarded me for the amount of work I put in.
  • I really need to sell that table from our kitchen and those shelves we don't use and donate some random stuff lying around the apartment.
  • I'm very curious about how life would be if I wasn't in New York
  • My in-laws' bakery seems to be having a good summer, I hope they can keep the business going through the winter.
That's it for now.


Jess said...

That sucks that you were at work on a Sunday!

CyclingDivas said...

Working on Sunday??? Sacrilege!!!! I like the Boston Terrier however I have a Golden puppy i might be willing to let go of....

Adam said...

Blahhhh, working sucks. We all just need to win the lottery.

I actually thought of you (in the least creepy way as possible) before my 5K this past weekend. I wanted to set up a really quick playlist that would have been based on my various points in the race. Of course, I got lazy and just hit shuffle instead – and got Christmas music! FML :-D

Julia said...

Hi Im new to your blog; sorry about your meeting, that really blows!
I thought I'd answer your question about life outside of NY: it might look like this http://chocolateshoestrings.blogspot.com/2009/07/my-run-felt-like-vacation.html
and yay about your in-law's bakery; my uncle owns a bakery and I know how much work it is!