Wrench in the works


Today I was going to write about the surprisingly good run I had on Sunday and how happy I am with Fenny so far--but, there is now a bigger issue on the horizon. It looks like my beautifully laid out race schedule for the first half of 2009 is scrapped.

Let's start with Little Rock. I called my friend who is going to grad school there. Turns out that she has a convention to go to for the whole weekend of the race and she won't be in town. So while we can crash at her place for the weekend, it would really defeat the whole purpose of going to Little Rock in the first place.

Then there's an issue with Wilmington. May 17 just so happens to be the same day that my younger Godson is having his first communion in Miami. And while I'll be in Miami in early August to see my new niece/nephew, I'd still want to go in May for the communion.

Right now, I'm considering the following races:LinkI'm pretty much convinced on the National Half and the Flying Pig, but at a loss for the April race. Thoughts, comments, suggestions of other races are appreciated!


RunToFinish said...

I have been debating between flying pig and san diego as well. both look good, but rock n roll has gotten very expensive to register for.

sorry about little rock that's a bummer...I'll say it again though Olathe, right here in the sweet heart of the country is mar 28th and there are at least 4 bloggers running it.

The Laminator said...

Hmmmm...I'm thinking about the National Half too in March in preparation in Boston...if you got extra room in your car, you've got a travel buddy...haha.

nwgdc said...

I think the mere possibility of meeting Nitmos would be enough to get me to the Flying Pig...and I would arrange for a Llama to be there also.

aron said...

i ran SF as my first marathon and its a good one but there are a big group of us bloggers going down to SD this year... will be a fun race!

Laura said...

Forget Georgia and consider doing a double with the National and Yuengling Virginia Beach Marathon! I think I'm going to be planning on that as my first double, but it's a great way to knock out two states in a weekend and end it with some good beer :)

Interesting to see how many NYCers are thinking about heading down...