Kicking off 2009 right

Training for the 2009 racing season has officially begun!

I kicked off the my training for Little Rock/Great Bay/Wilmington this morning with a three mile tempo run. It's been almost three weeks since my last run, so this morning's run was surprisingly difficult--which is always how training starts, right? You look down the barrel (i.e., your training schedule) and think "What the hell am I doing? There is now way I can do this again." And then little by little you relearn how to run and how to turn over your legs and how to breathe properly. Then, after a while you find even an eight mile tempo run isn't that daunting and a 16 mile long run is just a "morning stroll" before brunch. It's like a little rebirth at the start of every training season.

In keeping with the spirit of starting the year, I'm also laying out my goals--running and otherwise--for 2009 in no particular order:
  1. Log 1,000 miles for the year. The problems with my IT band early on in 2008 set me way back--I got in about 890 miles. But so far I'm in great shape and have three races on the calendar. One thousand miles should be totally doable this year.
  2. Get presents for family members' birthdays. It's not really a matter of needing to buy something for someone, it's more a matter of showing my family that I'm still thinking of them even though I'm far away. I got better at this during 2008, but had a hard time with the people who don't need anything and buy everything they want (ahem, parents).
  3. I want to be happier in my job. My job has taken a turn toward the crapper pretty much since October and I need to fix that. Not sure what that means just yet, but stay turned.
  4. Get more involved in the running community. This is two-pronged. First, I need to get back with the group runs (which I stopped doing over the summer because the heavy mileage didn't go well with the late start on hot summer days). Second, I need to volunteer more at NYRR events.
  5. Move to a new place. From what I'm hearing, even the housing market here in NYC is softening. Although we probably won't be able to buy a place, we are going to keep looking for a new apartment since we can hopefully negotiate a deal by moving.
  6. Become an uncle. Well, this isn't a goal that I have much control over. It's more my sister's job. But the good news is that she's already two months pregnant! The little guy or girl right now is about the size of a lemon or orange or some other citrus fruit, but by late July we'll have a new member to the family.
  7. Run at least five races. I want to do some serious damage to the 50 state goal this year. Right now I have three races lined up for the first half of 2009 and I should be able to get a Fall Half-Marathon and Marathon on the calendar. If all goes according to plan I'll be more than 20% of my way to completion by the end of the year!!


Jess said...

If she's two months preggo, the empbryo is more like the size of a grape than any kind of citrus. Congrats to her and to you on your future uncle-status.

Great resotultions for 2009; good luck with all of them!

CyclingDivas said...

Ahem! She's 12 weeks today buddy and I have a picture of the little creature already...Stay tuned for friday's official ultrasound!

Marcy said...

Man I wish I had the opportunity to become an Aunt before a Mom. All the benefits of having kids without any of the negatives :P Kids acting cra-zay? "Here go on back home to ya Mom, crazy ass"

Viv said...

Love the list of resultions/goals. So rounded and how you touch every aspect of life not just physical goals. Congrats on becoming an uncle

RunToFinish said...

I think enjoying your job is mmmuy imporante, so that's a great goal. Can't wait to see how the races go!

Kevin said...

Great goals for 2009. Good luck in accomplishing them

nwgdc said...

Being happier in your job will be helped by getting rid of Charter at home, I think!

Outside of that, I think your goals are spot-on. Especially about becoming an uncle. The best goals are the ones we have zero control of.

chia said...

Trust Jess. Too bad there isn't a gestation jeopardy. She'd make millions.

Great goals -- I especially appreciate the volunteering one. I think I'm going to have to borrow that one for myself as well. People don't understand how fulfilling it really is to help other athletes during these events. Giving time is always the best present back to your peers ;-)